Creating the foundational story of your startup

We help founders develop, write & design narratives for fundraising, recruiting, marketing, and sales.

Narratives prevent fires and put them out.

Raise with the Right Investors

A narrative isn't just for engaging investors and raising rounds; it's for finding the right partners and advisors aligned with your vision, who can bring the optimal expertise and insight you need to scale.

Recruit the Right Talent

Talent is scarce, interviewing is time-consuming, and early-stage startups can't compete on compensation & benefits. A narrative argues for the upside of equity and explains the uniqueness of your culture.

Reach the Right Customers

Selling is only half the battle. A narrative helps you sharpen and refine marketing messaging and sales pitches so you can focus on the customers most likely to land, expand, and evangelize your product.

Typical Narrative Building Process

Alignment on Goals & Deliverables
Sync/async conversations leading to a project plan
1 week
Discovery & Deep Learning
In-depth interviews and material reviews
1-2 weeks
Focused Facilitation
Jam sessions on various parts of narrative building
1-2 weeks
Iterative Production
Outlining, writing and design in sprints with feedback
2-4 weeks
Delivery & Launch
Rollout and organization of all final work products
1-2 weeks
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Let's take your narrative from 0.

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